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A smart booking platform to Connect Marinas and Boaters

With Metarina, it's easy to plan a stay in any marina,
use and organise the facilities and services
and manage all administrative tasks with one tool.

We help marinas

and boaters

build meaningful relationships

'When being asked about additional services concerning their yacht charter, our clients often mention the possibility to book a berth in advance. We want to adapt to the rising demand in planning security and want to meet the needs of our clients. Booking a berth in a marina in advance will give sailors the freedom to enjoy their holiday instead of worrying about finding a suitable spot.'

'Customers are beginning to expect marinas to be more up to date with the latest technology. To meet the demands of the developing clientele, software is essential. The exchange with yachts can thus be enriched and long-term customer relationships strengthened.'

'Metarina is a great tool for planning cruises, making sure you get the right berths at the right marinas at the right time. Giving passengers the best cruising experience.'

'With more than 12 years of experience, I have always been looking for a sophisticated tool to help me facilitate the communication between boat owners and marinas. It is essential to create trustful relationships – giving both sides certainty and support.'

Kirsten Richarz
Country Manager DACH at GlobeSailor
Globe Sailor
Santiago Prada
Marina Expert
Roderick van Hasselt
Captain commercial yachts
Benoit Duval
Berth Agent at Ma place de port en Espagne

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