Easy tech, built for any type and size of marina.

Identifying the demands of your specific marina is just the beginning of running your operations efficiently. Our product modules are tailored for both large and small marinas. We help you identify your full potential in order to fit your software to your marina, not vise-versa.

Empowering Exceptional Marina Services

We support institutional and private marinas in offering a range of amenities and a supportive community to their members.

Boost your berth occupancy
Grow your revenue streams
Enhance customer satisfaction

Elevating the Membership Lifestyle

We help yacht clubs provide a unique and enjoyable yachting experience for their members, with a range of amenities and services.

Simplify communication with your members
Become more accessible for visitors
Grow members happiness to stay forever

Making Boating Accessible to Everyone

We assist public and governmental marinas in making boating accessible and affordable for everyone through a range of services.

Safe time for your team
Promote your marina and region
Bring revenue into your town

Building Stronger Marina Communities

We work with marina associations to foster a sense of community and provide support for marina businesses. Together, we can build stronger marina communities.

Promote your marinas to the public
Gain transparency across your association
Benefit from the birds eye perspective

Tailored to every marina’s demand

Metarina is a different kind of marina management software. We have combined tailored management features for any type of marina with a berth booking tool for boaters. The result is smooth communication with your customers while saving you time and money in your daily operations.

Institutional / Private Marinas

Optimising your marina business is not always easy. That is why it is essential to streamline your operations. Track the progress of your teams to make smart decisions.

Yacht Clubs

Metarina helps customer-centric marinas to communicate better with their members. Retention of long-term customers in the marina for years requires full attention to services, digital solutions and personal time.

Public / Governmental Marinas

As a marina, you represent not only your facilities and services, but also your region. Promoting the area of a marina will help to attract more visitors and leave a unique memory in the minds of boaters. Word will spread quickly.

Marina Associations

Boaters' expectations of marinas have changed for the better. In particular, marina groups need to become more accessible, customer-friendly and connected. We help marina groups grow their business and their appeal to the outside world.

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