The only marina software for the whole team.

Close the gap between desired growth goals and simplified operations with less work intense processes. Align your team to reach your goals.

Marina Managers

Make your team effective and customer-centric

Monitor your team and know what is happening in the marina at any time of day. Identify gaps and improve your team.

  • Double-check paperwork to do reporting

  • Unreliable excel sheets to find out occupancy rates

  • Hours spent on recalculating financials

  • Surprised by unforeseen errors

Marina Managers

Optimise operations

  • Automised communication between the team and customers

  • Statistics on your current and past berth occupancy

  • Automatic validations & cross checks

Reservation Handling

Easily merge all incoming booking channels into one system.

Public Profile Listing

Have full control over your public profile and show thousands of boaters what you’ve got to offer.

Chats & Notifications

Replace repetitive phone and email communication with simple and convenient in-app communication.

Find solutions tailored to each team member and position - from marinero up to management. Learn how to optimise all your booking channels with ease.

Marina Staff

Streamline workflows to fully focus on customer demands

Marina staff can work more effectively and focus on attending to guests personally instead of being burdened by redundant and repetitive admin tasks.

  • Errors due to manual inputs

  • Redundant and repetitive admin tasks

  • Unaligned communication

  • Delayed data exchanges

Marina Staff

Work effectively

  • Price-optimal berth allocation recommendations

  • 24/7 frictionless booking with automatic waitlisting

  • Notifications and reminders for you and customers

Berth Sub Rental

Subrent berths with your long-term boaters to ensure your marina is never empty.

Smart Berth Allocation

Let the system manage and allocate new and old customers to any berth automatically.

Customer Data Security

Regain control over all transactions to grow revenue streams

Find solutions tailored to each team member and position - from marinero up to management. Learn how to manage your berth occupancy at any time of the year.

Directors & Presidents

Increase customer satisfaction and profitability

Find opportunities to elevate the perception of everyone involved in the marina - for a better organisation with a prosperous future.

  • Lack of reliable information

  • Unidentified levers for improvement

  • Trial and error to identify gaps

  • Planning uncertainty

Directors & Presidents

Grow the business

  • Visual graphs to make strategic decisions

  • All customer engagement in one place

  • Simple representation of marina utility

Painless invoicing

Set up payments while maintaining the flexibility to add services and utilities.

Offering Services

Charge boaters for the usage of services and utilities at your marina.

Strategic Pricing

Set up and adjust your pricing strategy at any time according to demand and time.

Find solutions tailored to each team member and position - from marinero up to management. Learn how to regain control over all transactions to grow revenue streams.